Thursday, July 2, 2009

9 months

So the girls will be 9 months tomorrow! These are their month to month pictures all the way to 9 months (i took it early yesterday =] )

Laurel is on the left and Jaeda in on the right in most of these

(laurel is on the right in this one)

(and this one)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

most recent of laurel and jaeda

Just sharing a few more pictures. I feel kin of bad that I havent been so Im trying to do whatever i can =) These are the most recent pictures. This was about a week ago Jaeda is on the right and laurel is on the left. but in the yellow its the opposite. =)

School spirit

Basketball Homecoming 2009


kayci me and bernadette RETRO DAYkayci and berna

mikey hes john travolta haha CELEBRITY DAY

colt (not a senior haha) COWBOY DAY

ben and mikey


Damon thad bryan and jr

homecoming candidates

me and juan

the king crowning the queen

the kind and queen =)

me and caleb. i love this boy

me n Ty

damon, bryan and me at the dance. FINGER! hehe

My baby girls!!

I apologize for not keeping you gals updated on the girls. My mom has been doing a good job of it though. Thanks mom! The girls are smiling a whole bunch now and are starting to get more interesting! haha Here are some pictures of them in their bumbo seats



Whats up? we are being good mom

Love that smile

Hi mom!!

Come here laurel

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fed up

This is just a vent blog. Of course about the prick that left me and his girls a little over 2 months ago. I had my ultrasound today. Wanted to call him and tell him, hey our girls look so much like you. Well the call didnt go through. So I asked his mom if he got his number changed. He did. And no one bothered to tell me a damn thing, and she knew I had been sending him messages a few days ago. I had written him a letter this weekend and he never replied with a call or anything so I was txting him to see if he got it. Well now I know why he didnt respond, because he changed his number. What if there had been an emergency, and I dont want to go through his parents just to talk to him. It makes me so upset. I didnt do anything to him and hes treating me like crap. Just all of a sudden too. We were fine like a month ago. I dont know what happened. I just know that we need to talk face to face, soon. Or Im taking him to court. Im just so frustrated. The past 2 weeks have been so hard for me. Break ups are supposed to get better after time, but its just been getting worse, Ive been crying myself to sleep every night for the past week. and every time I mention him I start to cry. I just dont understand. Im mad at myself because a part of me still wants him there when I deliver, but I know he doesnt deserve it, and wouldnt show up anyways cuz hes acting like he doesnt care. And his mother isnt helping. Shes all upset cuz I told her that she couldnt be at the house every day. Hello we need privacy too. Plus the grandparents dont need to see their grandkids every day. I dont know any families where they get to see them every day. Except them cuz they are right next door to each other. But they arent really even family to us so.... why? Maybe 3 times a week. Thats enough isnt it? I just dont know what to do about kevin. Hes such a prick that cant make up his mind. Hes being so childish and for once I dont want him back. I hope I find someone the girls can call dad before they understand because it breaks my heart that they arent going to have a father. I thank you for reading this because i went on and on and it was way long lol
Maybe things will get better. I just get tired of people telling me that it will. Cuz as of right now, I dont see how its going to.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby Shower (finally haha)

Finally after over a week, pictures from the shower haha. We tried getting as many pictures as we could for you ladies hehe Mom will have some posted on her blog too =)

This is mine and my friend jennifer's belly. Shes due in December and is having a baby boy
Also dad trying to pull my shirt up hehe

me Kevin's parents (stacie and Jeff)

me and my parents! Love you guys!! =)

Me cutting cake

Gift opening.. I didnt have a good photographer by the way, so sorry my expression doesnt seem happy. She took them at the wrong time haha

Candles.. they smelled soo sweet!

It was a mobile

Cayden helping me open a beautiful crib set

clothes =)

my throne haha

punch fountain

the cake.. kinda plain but ya.. we didnt order it, kevin's mom did...